Make Us Live Again!

The Israelites were God’s special people. But they disobeyed God. So God allowed the Israelites to be carried away as slaves to another country.
In our Bible Reading today, the writer asked God to help the Israelites. “Please, make us live again! Make your people happy. Lord, save us and show us that you love us” (verses 6-7). But the psalm writer didn’t want the Israelites to keep on sinning against God. He wanted the people to remember their past sins and not do them again. “So they must not go back to their foolish way of living” (verse 8b).
When we sin, we lose our peace and joy. Once my son did something wrong, and he was sad. I told him, “Remember what this feels like so you won’t do this again.” We should learn from our mistakes so we won’t sin again.
Maybe you are remembering a time that you sinned. Ask God to forgive you and let Him make you live again!