Man from Ethiopia

Sometimes we don’t know how to tell people about God. Our Bible Reading today tells us about a man who was an important officer to the queen of Ethiopia (a country in Africa). The man was traveling and reading from God’s Word. God’s Holy Spirit helped a Christian named Philip talk to the man from Ethiopia. Philip knew how to tell him about God.
Philip asked the man if he understood what he was reading. The man said in verse 31a, “How can I understand? I need some person to explain it to me!” So Philip explained that the verses were talking about Jesus. Then Philip told the man about Jesus’ life, His death and His resurrection. The man listened carefully to Philip. When they were close to water, the man asked Philip to baptize him.
Every day we have opportunities to tell people about Jesus. Maybe we are scared to talk to people. But God will help us to say the right words/signs. We can be like Philip. We can help others learn about Jesus.