This morning I stopped to buy gasoline for my car. As I was paying the cashier, I saw a small rack with paper road maps.

Most people today don’t use paper road maps. Instead, they have a GPS (global positioning system) in their car that helps them find the way to their destination. I don’t have a GPS in my car, but I have been in cars that have a GPS. And I have learned one thing — the GPS is not always right. Sometimes it guides you on the wrong road!

When my life here on earth is finished, I want to live forever in heaven with God. There is no road map or GPS to show me how to get to heaven. But God has given us His Word, the Bible. In the Bible we can learn about Jesus and His death on the cross. And we can always trust the Bible. It is never wrong!

Our Bible verses remind us of how important the Bible is. Read it and learn how to live forever with God.