Mark 1 (5)

Wherever Jesus went, He changed people. He taught people about God. Jesus also healed people that were sick, removed demons and raised people from the dead.
Our Bible Reading tells us that all of the people were looking for Jesus (verse 37). Why? Because Jesus shared God’s message with them and did wonderful things.
Jesus is not living on earth today. But Jesus’ body (the church) is still doing Jesus’ work. When I go to church, I am reminded of my sin, and I want to change. My Christian friends pray for me when I am sick or weak. And I receive comfort and encouragement when I fellowship with other believers.
I hope that you are involved in a church that follows the Bible. I hope that you have many brothers and sisters in Christ who encourage and strengthen you.
Jesus wants you to stay close to Him and grow in your spiritual life every day. Pay attention to His Word today.