Mark 1 (6)

In Bible times, some people had leprosy, a terrible skin disease. There was no cure for leprosy, and lepers were forced to stay away from other people.
In our Bible Reading today, a leper came to Jesus. This man could have thought, “No one cares about me, and no one will help me. No person can heal a leper.” But instead, the leper was bold. He went to Jesus and asked Him to heal him. Jesus touched the man and said (verse 41b), “I want to heal you. Be healed!”
Sometimes I have a problem, but I assume that nothing can be done to change the situation. So I do not ask God to help me. When I think that way, I am making God like an ordinary man. Instead, I should come before God and ask Him to help me with my problem. And I should tell God that I trust Him to help me.
God always pays attention to your prayers. You can come boldly before God today and trust Him to help you.