Mark (1)

Today we will begin a series of devotions from chapters 4 and 5 from the book of Mark. In our Bible verses, Jesus talked about a mustard seed. Mustard plants have very small seeds. But when planted, these seeds can produce a plant that is over ten feet high.
In verse 31, Jesus said that God’s kingdom is like a mustard seed. What did Jesus mean? We can read about God’s kingdom, the church, in the book of Acts. At first, the church was small. But soon the church was made up of several thousand people. Through the years, the church has grown to include millions and millions of people.
If we want to help God’s kingdom grow, we need to be God’s humble servants. We should never look down on people who are not Christians. Instead, we should love them and show them God’s plan of salvation.
Be God’s humble servant today. Tell someone about Jesus.