Mark (2)

Jesus taught people many different ways. Our Bible Reading today tells us that Jesus used stories to teach people about God’s kingdom. Sometimes we call these stories parables.
We can read many of Jesus’ parables in the New Testament. In His parables, Jesus talked about ordinary things like wheat, weeds, pearls or a fishing net. Jesus told these stories to help the people grow and be ready for the time when the church would start. Jesus’ parables help us today, too. They show us how we can become strong Christians.
Many people today want to learn how to make money, raise their children, get a good job, lose weight or be popular. Those things may be good things to learn. But it is much more important for us to learn how we can be better followers of Jesus.
Do you want to be a strong Christian? Read and study the Bible. Learn from Jesus’ teachings and follow His example of a humble servant.