Mark 3 (1)

The devotions today and for the next few days will talk about the things Jesus said and did in Mark, chapter 3.
The Jews had many rules that they made up. So the Jewish leaders were always watching Jesus. They wanted to see if Jesus obeyed all the rules. The Jewish leaders were watching Jesus when He met a man with a crippled hand. The Jewish rules said that it was wrong to heal someone on the Sabbath (the Jewish day of rest and worship).
In verse 4 of our Bible Reading, Jesus asked a simple question. “Which thing is right to do on the Sabbath day: to do good, or to do evil?” Jesus was not worried about man-made rules. He wanted only to please God.
Sometimes I load myself with rules in my spiritual life. I think that I have to read so many Bible verses or pray so many times every day. But my spiritual life is not about rules. It is about pleasing God.
Don’t worry so much about man’s religious rules. Instead, obey God and please Him today.