Mark 3 (3)

When Jesus lived on earth, He was always doing things for people. In our Bible Reading today, Jesus wanted to heal the man who had a crippled hand.
Jesus read the minds of the Jewish leaders. He knew that they were stubborn. Jesus knew that these men did not care about the crippled man. They only cared about themselves and their man-made rules.
When people won’t do what I want, I get angry, not sad. That’s because I am selfish and I want to make myself happy. But when Jesus saw that the Jews were stubborn and disobedient, He was sad. Jesus truly cared about God’s people.
Probably today someone I meet at work or at the grocery store will be stubborn and offend me. Instead of being angry, I need to ask God to help me reach out to them with His love.
Will you be like Jesus today?