Mark 3 (4)

In our Bible verses, Jesus was very bold. He healed a man even though the Jewish leaders were looking for a way to kill Him!
From the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, He knew that the Jews would eventually kill Him. Jesus also knew that He would face pain and rejection as He shared God’s love with other people. But Jesus did not stop doing what was right. He continued to be bold, even when He was arrested and crucified on a cross.
As Christians, we need to be bold, too. Here are some ways that we can be bold: 1) spend more time praying and reading the Bible; 2) give some of our money and possessions to help poor people; and 3) share the message about Jesus even when people criticize us.
Maybe today you will have an opportunity to be bold like Jesus. When other people make fun of Jesus, tell them that He is your Savior. And always do what is right, even when other people encourage you to do wrong.