Mark 3 (6)

Our Bible verses today tell us what some people thought about Jesus. Some people thought that Jesus was crazy. And other people thought that the devil was controlling Him. “And the teachers of the law from Jerusalem said, ‘Beelzebul (the devil) is living inside him (Jesus)! He uses power from the ruler of demons to force demons out of people’” (verse 22).
So Jesus called the people and talked to them. He said that He was not working with the devil. Jesus explained that the devil would not force demons out of people. Jesus showed the people that He and the devil were enemies.
Even people today teach false things about Jesus. Some people say that Jesus is not perfect. Others say that He is not God’s Son. And others say that Jesus’ death on the cross will not save us from eternal punishment.
When we read and study the Bible, we know more about Jesus. Then we can understand when people are teaching false things about Him.