Mark (6)

Soon after Jesus healed the man who had evil spirits, He met a man named Jairus. Jairus was a leader in a Jewish synagogue or place of worship.
Jairus told Jesus that his daughter was dying. Jesus went with Jairus. On their way, some men from Jairus’ house met them and said that Jairus’ daughter had died. Jesus told Jairus, “Don’t be afraid; just believe” (verse 36b). Jesus went to Jairus’ home and made his daughter live again.
When Jairus knew that his daughter was dying, he probably felt helpless. He knew that he could not heal her. That’s when he went to see Jesus. Sometimes we face sickness, problems or even death. That is the time when we need to be like Jairus and turn to God for help and comfort.
No matter what hard times you are facing today, God can help you stand strong. Depend on Him and His strength.