Mark (6)

When Jesus came to earth, He wanted to show the Jewish people a new way of living. The Jewish people followed God’s Law, but they also had many traditions that were man-made. Jesus wanted the Jews to be free from these traditions.
It was a tradition for the Jews to fast while they waited for the bridegroom to come to a wedding. In the Bible, Jesus often called Himself a bridegroom. In our Bible Reading today, Jesus said that His disciples did not fast because He (the Bridegroom) was already with them.
Then Jesus said, “When a person sews a patch over a hole on an old coat, that person never uses a piece of cloth that is not yet shrunk. If he does, the patch will shrink and pull away from the coat” (verse 21a). Jesus was saying that His new teaching was not just something to add to the Jewish religion. It was a totally new way of thinking and acting.
Jesus wants us to be free from traditions and man-made rules. Focus on the Bible and what Jesus said about His new way of living.