Our Christmas word for today is Mary. God chose Mary to give birth to His Son, Jesus. Our Bible Reading shows us how Mary praised God when she learned that she would be Jesus’ mother. She shared this good news with her cousin, Elizabeth.
In these verses, Mary talked about the wonderful things God had done and the ways He had blessed His people, the Jews. Mary also talked about how God always keeps His promises. God had promised many years before to send someone who would be the Savior of the world. When God sent Jesus to be born on earth, He was keeping that promise.
Mary’s words also show us that she was a very humble person. In verse 48a, she said, “I am not important. But God has shown his care for me, his servant girl.” We should be like Mary and have a humble attitude. We should be willing to let God use us for Him.
Think about ways God can use you today to bless people around you. Allow Him to help you show His love to people who are sad and hurting.