Mary, Jesus’ Mother

There are three women mentioned in the New Testament who are named Mary. Today and for the next two days we will learn about these women.
Today’s Bible Reading is about Mary, the mother of Jesus. After Jesus was born, Joseph and Mary took baby Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem to “present him to the Lord” (Luke 2:22). While they were there, they met a man named Simeon.
Simeon talked to Mary about Jesus. In verse 35b, Simeon said that “things that happen will be painful for you — like a sword cutting through your heart.” God gave Simeon these words of prophecy. These words were talking about times during Jesus’ ministry when people would say bad things about Him and do bad things to Him. It must have been very hard for Mary to watch her son die on the cross!
Mary was an amazing woman who loved God and faithfully served Him. She is an example of how we should give our lives to God.