Mary, Lazarus’ Sister

In our Bible Reading for today, we learn about Mary, who was a sister to Lazarus. Jesus came to their house, and Mary’s sister, Martha, was busy preparing for Jesus to stay at their house.
But where was Mary? Verse 39b tells us that Mary “was sitting at Jesus’ feet and listening to him teach.” When Martha complained that Mary was not helping her, Jesus said that Mary had made the right choice to sit and listen to Him.
John 12:3 tells us that Mary brought perfume and poured it on Jesus’ feet. This was Mary’s way of worshiping Jesus and showing Him her love. Jesus said that this helped prepare Him for his death and burial.
Wherever we read about Mary in the New Testament, we see that she learned from Jesus and worshiped Him. That is a good example for us. Do we show Jesus how much we love Him? Are we willing to take time to read and study His Word?
Be like Mary today. Honor Jesus with your love and your obedience.