Sometimes people say, “I have done many terrible things in my life. How can God forgive me?” Then I tell them about King Manasseh. I think he was the meanest man in the Bible.
Manasseh led the nation of Judah away from God. He worshiped false gods and sacrificed his own children to these gods. Manasseh even made a statue of a false god and put it in God’s temple. Manasseh encouraged the people to do all kinds of wrong things.
So God sent the Assyrian army to attack Judah. The army “captured Manasseh and made him their prisoner. They put hooks in him and brass chains on his hands and took him to the country of Babylon” (verse 11b).
Then an amazing thing happened. Manasseh humbled himself and prayed to God. God felt sorry for Manasseh. He let Manasseh return to Jerusalem. “Then Manasseh knew that the Lord was the true God” (verse 13b).
God forgave Manasseh, and He can forgive you, too. I hope you are willing to repent (change your heart) and obey God today.