Sometimes people call Jesus a mediator. Verse 5 of our Bible Reading says, “There is only one God. And there is only one way that people can reach God. That way is through Jesus Christ, who is also a man.” Some Bible translations use the word mediator in these verses.
The word that Paul used here comes from a Greek word that means middle. A mediator is a person who places himself in the middle between two opposing people or groups of people. The mediator helps bring agreement between people. Today we may call this kind of person a negotiator.
Jesus is the One who has brought us God’s new agreement. He is our mediator. Hebrews 12:24a says, “You have come to Jesus — the One that brought the new agreement from God to his people.”
Jesus came to earth to make a way for us to have our sins forgiven and be joined with God forever. Jesus brought us and God together. Jesus is our only mediator!