I know people who enjoy making scrapbooks. They design pages to remind them about special events and special people.
I think it is nice to make a special scrapbook filled with memories about your Christian family members and friends. Here?s how you can make this kind of scrapbook. First, buy a small notebook. Then ask your family members and friends to choose one page in the notebook. Ask them to write their favorite Bible verse on that page. Make sure they sign their name on the page, too.
You can keep this special notebook with your Bible or beside your bed. When you read through this book, try to memorize the Bible verses. You can also write special praises or prayer requests about that person.
Our Bible Reading today reminds us that we should keep God?s commands in our hearts. We can do this by memorizing Bible verses.
If you make this kind of scrapbook, you will have special memories of people you love. And, you will be encouraged by God?s words.