My husband is from Philadelphia. Every time we visit that city, he loves to drive around and tell me stories about his childhood. On a recent trip, my husband showed me Mercy Hospital. When he got hurt as a child, that is where his mother took him. He told me he was at the hospital so many times that the doctors and nurses all knew his name!
I started thinking about my husband going to the hospital. The medical staff could have said to him, “You fell out of the tree again? We are not going to help you.” But the doctors and nurses helped him. They showed him mercy — just like the name of the hospital.
God’s church is like that hospital. We all are sick. Our sickness is our sin. If we repent and ask God to forgive us, He gives us another chance. And God helps us not sin again. God shows us mercy.
Our Bible Reading today talks about God’s love and mercy. That is His gift to us. I hope you have accepted this gift of salvation through Jesus.