In about a week, Christians around the world will remember the day that Jesus rose from the dead. To help us prepare for that day of celebration, we will begin talking about some different names for Jesus.
The name for Jesus that we will talk about today is Messiah. Another name for Jesus that is similar to Messiah is Christ. The name Messiah means “God’s chosen one.” God chose His Son, Jesus, to come to earth and be the perfect sacrifice for our sins.
The Jews waited many years for the Messiah to come to earth. Our Bible Reading today tells us that after Andrew met Jesus, he found his brother, Peter (Simon). Andrew told Peter, “We have found the Messiah” (verse 41b). Andrew and his friends were very excited to know that God had finally sent the Messiah to earth.
God chose Jesus to be the Savior for His people, the Jews. But God also chose Jesus to be our Savior! That is wonderful news. Jesus came to earth so we can live with Him forever.