Maybe you know a person who tries to have control over everything in their life. Maybe it is a co-worker who tries to manage every part of a project. Maybe it is a family member who tries to control your life. These people pay attention to every detail and try to make it fit their plan. We call these people micromanagers.
Our verses today from Proverbs remind us that even if we try to control everything in our lives, God is still the one who is really in control. Verse 9 says, “People can plan what they want to do, but it is the Lord who guides their steps.”
God has power over all our plans, but He still expects us to be responsible for our attitudes. In our verses the writer mentions several good attitudes that we should have: being humble, showing love and respect, and pleasing God.
Don’t be a micromanager of your life. Let God take control. He loves you and always knows what is best for you.