Middle Chapter

If you count all the chapters in the Bible, Psalm 118 is the chapter right in the middle. This psalm also talks about God. It is a good chapter to remember every day.
This chapter begins with some of the same words from Psalm 117. Verse 2b says, “His faithful love will last forever!” In verse 5 the writer says that he was in trouble, but God helped him. Then in verse 6, we are reassured about God’s faithfulness. “The Lord is with me, so I will not be afraid. No one on earth can do anything to harm me.”
Verse 7 tells us that God is our helper. And in verse 14 the writer says that God is “my strength and my reason for singing.” This psalm ends like many other psalms — praising and thanking God.
This psalm helps me know that God will be with me today. He will help me whenever I need Him. I praise Him and thank Him for always being with me.