Minor Prophets (12)

The book of Zechariah is about the messages and visions that God gave to the prophet Zechariah. In our Bible Reading, God reminded Zechariah that his ancestors, the Israelites, had disobeyed God and turned away from Him.

In verse 3b God said, “Come back to me, and I will come back to you.” Then God talked about how the Israelites had refused to come back to Him. So God punished them and sent them away from the land of Israel. Finally the Israelites repented and “came back to God” (verse 6b).

There are times in our lives when we may become distracted and turn away from God. Maybe we become involved in some sin. Or maybe we are just so busy with things in life that we don’t have time for God. During those times, God reminds us that we need to come back to Him. When we return to God, He forgives us and blesses us.

Think about your life today. Are you far away from God? Turn back to God and ask Him to help you stay close to him.