Minor Prophets (4)

Amos was a shepherd from the city of Tekoa. He was probably a poor man. Even though Amos was a poor shepherd, God used him to share what was going to happen to the people of Israel.

The Israelites had done many bad things against God. One of their sins was taking advantage of poor people and oppressing them. In Amos 1:3, God said that he would punish the people for their crimes.

God also said through Amos that He would punish the Philistines and other people who oppressed the Israelites. Throughout both the Old and New Testaments, God says again and again that we should help people who are helpless.

You can help people who are helpless, too. Look for opportunities today to serve others, especially those people who are helpless. Perhaps you can help widows and orphans. God will use you to bless and care for these people.