Minor Prophets (9)

The book of Habakkuk is the only minor prophet book that doesn’t have a prophecy from God to His people. Instead, the book is about Habakkuk’s complaints to God!

Many evil things were happening in Judah. People were violent and stole from each other. So Habakkuk complained that God was not helping him. God told Habakkuk that He would send enemies to take over the land and punish the people.

Did Habakkuk stop complaining? No, he complained even more to God. Habakkuk was upset that the people who would take over the land were even more evil than the Israelites. God told Habakkuk again that He would punish His enemies for their sins.

Finally Habakkuk stopped complaining and praised God. In our Bible verses for today, Habakkuk said that he was happy that God was his Savior. Don’t complain today. Instead, give your worries to God. Then thank Him and praise Him for what He has done for you.