Administrative Wing Copier-20160503132918Our Bible verses today tell us that Jesus healed a deaf man. This was a miracle — something that could only be done through God’s power. Whenever Jesus did a miracle, He was showing people about God’s awesome power. Many of Jesus’ miracles were predicted in the Old Testament. When Jesus did these miracles, He proved that His words were true.

Sometimes my family goes to a market. On tables at the market are cups of food samples. We like to taste these samples. Then we have an idea of how the food tastes. In the same way, reading about Jesus’ miracles gives us a sample of God’s kingdom. When we learn about God’s power and majesty, we look forward to living with Him forever.

I hope that reading about Jesus’ miracles and God’s power makes you want to live forever with Him. We will have an eternity to see God’s great power and experience His everlasting love.