Moses had an older brother, Aaron, and an older sister. His sister’s name was Miriam. When Moses was a baby, his mother hid him from the Egyptians by putting him in a basket and floating the basket on the Nile River. Miriam was a little girl then. She watched the basket until Pharaoh’s daughter pulled it from the water. Then Miriam told Pharaoh’s daughter she would find someone to help with the baby. Miriam went and got her mother to help take care of baby Moses.

Later, we learn that Miriam was with Moses and Aaron when they led the Israelites out of Egypt. The Bible says that she was a woman prophet. Exodus 15:20-21 tells us that when the Israelites praised God for leading them through the Red Sea, Miriam was there. “Then Aaron’s sister, the woman prophet Miriam, took a tambourine. She and the women began singing and dancing. Miriam repeated the words, ‘Sing to the Lord! He has done great things. He threw horse and rider into the sea…’”

The Bible does not tell us much about the ways God spoke through Miriam, but we know that He used her to share His Word. God can use us, too, if we are willing to serve Him. Ask God to show you how you can serve Him today!