Missionaries (1)

The book of Acts tells us about the very first missionaries who spread the news about Jesus. God has blessed us with many opportunities to travel to other countries to tell deaf people about Jesus. Today and for the next few days, we will share some of our experiences with you.
Before we enter a foreign country, we must first go through customs. This is a place where officials look into our luggage. Some customs officials are very nice. They make us feel welcome in their country. But some customs officials break things or try to find something wrong with our luggage. Before we go through customs in a new country, we always pray. We pray that the officials will be friendly. We also pray that God will help us witness to these people.
In our Bible Reading, Paul and Barnabas traveled to the city of Lystra. Some people were not friendly to Paul and Barnabas. But they did not stop telling people about Jesus. We hope you will share the Good News about Jesus today.