Missionaries (2)

We like riding on trains. We have been on trains in the United States, Thailand, Romania, Ukraine, Switzerland and Italy.
Some of the trains were fancy; others were very plain. Some trains had private seats while others had one great big room shared by many people. Many of the trains were very crowded. Sometimes we had to hold our luggage on our feet.
A couple of times we had to get off trains in the middle of the night. It was dark, and there was no one to meet us at the train station. Some people have asked us, “Were you scared?” Our answer was, “No!” We always knew that God would protect us and help us find the right people.
In our Bible verses we learn that Peter was in jail. But he trusted God to take care of him. God sent an angel to help Peter get out of jail.
Maybe you are alone or afraid. Remember that God is with you right now. You can always trust Him.