Missionaries (3)

In the United States, we use a fork, a knife and a spoon when we eat. People all over the world have different customs for the way they eat.
In the Philippines, they eat rice with their hands or a big spoon. In Hong Kong, Japan and many other Asian countries, people eat with chopsticks. In some countries, people hold their knife and fork differently than we do in the United States. Some people keep their knife in their hand at all times. In places like Uganda, Eritrea and Ghana, people eat with their fingers. They use bread or meat as their spoon.
There are different ways to eat, but all people need to eat food. In the same way, all people need God’s spiritual food. This food comes from God’s Word, the Bible.
Our Bible Reading today talks about people from many different countries. The apostles taught these people about Jesus. It is our job to teach other people about Jesus, too.