Missionaries (4)

People in different countries have many ways to say “hello” and “good-bye.” In Thailand, Japan and other Asian cultures, people bow when they greet someone. If they bow very low, that shows more respect. And a young person will always bow when meeting someone who is older.
In Mexico, girls may hug and kiss another girl on the cheek. Men will hug and kiss the cheek of another man. In the Ukraine, people hug and kiss both cheeks. Sometimes they will kiss the same cheek twice!
In some countries, people shake hands. To show respect in the Philippines, a person takes the hand of the person they are greeting, bows and raises the other person’s hand to their forehead.
Our Bible verses tell us about a day when Jesus will come back to take His followers to live with Hum. I don’t know how we will greet Jesus, but I do know that it will be wonderful to see Him. We hope you are looking forward to seeing Jesus!