Missionaries (5)

Our Bible Reading today tells us that the early Christians “were happy to share their food and ate with joyful hearts” (verse 46b).
People all over the world have different foods and eating customs. When we return from a trip, people always ask us what foods we ate. Often we eat lots of rice, sometimes every day! We also eat lots of chicken. We have eaten quail eggs, caviar, goat meat and giraffe meat. We have also eaten many different kinds of fruit: mango, passion fruit, durian, coconuts, melons and many kinds of bananas, pineapples and apples.
In many countries we drink tea. Sometimes we have fruit drinks. In one country, we participated in a coffee ceremony. When people prepared coffee in this special way, they were showing honor to us.
Every country we have visited has special foods that people like to eat. Christians all over the world love to share good food and fellowship. We thank God for opportunities to eat with Christians all over the world.