Missionaries (5)

It is not easy to be a missionary. Sometimes people do bad things to missionaries. Why? Because these people want the missionaries to stop teaching about Jesus. Our Bible verses today tell us that King Herod did bad things to some Christians. He arrested Peter and put him in jail. King Herod had 16 soldiers guard Peter.
An angel came to Peter while he was in jail. The angel helped Peter escape from jail. In verse 11b Peter said, “Now I know that the Lord really sent his angel to me. He rescued me from Herod and from everything those Jews thought would happen to me.”
God took care of Peter. The Bible is full of stories about how God took care of people who loved and obeyed Him. Sometimes it is difficult to be a missionary. But you need to remember God will always take care of you.
Don’t be afraid to tell people about Jesus. Depend on God’s strength and protection.