Most Important

Last year my bank told me that I was the victim of a scam, and that someone had taken all the money out of my bank account. Losing all my money made me think about things that are important in life.
My family and friends are important to me. But I am old and many of my friends have died. My dear wife and all of my brothers and sisters have died and are with God now. Possessions and money are important, too. But those things can be taken away from us. And when we die, we can’t take our money and possessions with us.
The writer of the book of Ecclesiastes did some research about important things in life. We can read what he learned in our Bible Reading today. “The most important thing a person can do is to respect God and obey his commands” (verse 13b). Remember that God’s love for us and our relationship with Him are the most important things in the world. Those things are forever — they can never be taken away from us!