Most Important

1477983600Years ago, many people used a horse and a cart for travel or to move things. The horse was placed first, with the cart behind. The rider controlled the horse with the reins, and the horse pulled the cart easily. But what if someone tried to put the cart first and the horse in back? Would they be able to go anywhere? No! The horse and the cart need to be placed in the proper order.
In the same way, we need to learn what should be most important in our life. In our Bible verses, Jesus told some Jews that God’s commands are more important than traditions. “You have stopped following God’s commands, preferring instead the man-made rules you got from others” (verse 8). We cannot experience true Christian joy by following traditions. We will have Christian joy when we learn God’s commands and obey them.
Think about your life today. Are God’s commands most important to you? Are you learning and obeying them?