Today is Mother?s Day in the United States. Many people will remember their mothers in a special way today.
Someone told me once, ?A mother is always a mother.? That is very true. A good example of this is my mother. I am now more than fifty years old. It has been a long time since I lived with my parents. But my mother is still being my mother. I ask her for advice, and she reminds me about things that I should be doing. I think that most mothers want to love and take care of their children ? no matter how old the children are.
The mother in our Bible Reading today loved her son very much. She must have been very sad when her son died. But the woman knew that Elisha was God?s prophet. She knew that Elisha could make her son live again. So the woman found Elisha and took him to her house. Elisha brought the woman?s son back to life again.
Take time today to thank God for all the mothers around the world who raise their children to love and obey Him.