Mother’s Hands

My mother has arthritis in her hands. When I look at her hands, I can see they are crippled by the disease. But she doesn’t complain about the pain in her hands. I can remember the many wonderful things my mother has done with her hands. When I think about these things, I think her hands are beautiful.
Often we look at people and judge them by the way they look on the outside. We decide if they are beautiful or ugly. But God always looks on the inside.
In our Bible Reading, God sent Samuel to anoint (choose) the next king of Israel. Samuel went to the home of Jesse. Samuel thought that God would chose Jesse’s oldest son. But God told Samuel (verse 7b), “God does not look at the things people see. People look only at the outside of a person, but the Lord looks at his heart.” Later God showed Samuel that David was to be the next king.
When you meet people today, do not judge them by the way they look. Instead, look at them the way God looks at them.