Mount Ararat

Yesterday we learned about the great flood that covered the earth. Noah, his family and many animals were saved in the boat. It rained for many days. Then God sent a wind to dry up the earth. Genesis 8:3-4 tells us what happened to the boat. “The water that covered the earth began to go down. After 150 days the water was low enough that the boat touched land again. The boat stopped on one of the mountains of Ararat. This was the 17th day of the seventh month.”

The boat landed on one of the mountains in Ararat. This area is part of eastern Turkey today. Many people over the past two hundred years have tried to locate Noah’s boat. Some people thought that they had found the boat only to discover that they had seen shadows formed by the ice and snow. Today that area of Turkey is restricted, and no more expeditions are allowed to search for the boat.

It does not matter that people have not been able to find the boat. We can believe what the Bible says and learn from it. The story about Noah teaches us that God will bless and take care of people who follow and obey Him. God does that for us today. Be faithful like Noah, and God will bless your life and take care of you!