Moving (1)

Every day many people move to a different home. People carefully pack their possessions so nothing will break. They hire a moving company or call their friends to help them move to the new home. They also make sure that everyone knows their new address.
In our Bible Reading today we read that God told Abram to take his family and possessions to a new place. Where was this new place? God did not tell Abram where it was. But God told Abram that his new home would be a good place and that He would bless him.
Sometimes God tells us to move, too. Maybe he tells us to move to a foreign country and serve as a missionary. Or maybe he tells us that we should move to a different home so we can use our money more wisely. God may tell us to move so that we are close to people who need to know about Him.
Abram obeyed God and moved his family — not even knowing where he was going. Follow God’s leading in your life today.