Moving (2)

It is wonderful to live in our new home. Although we miss our old house, we are enjoying the new home that we bought.
God has given us a place to live here on earth. It is wonderful to be a Christian, but still we are surrounded by sin and temptations every day. Sometimes I just want to move to a place where everything is peaceful and perfect.
In our Bible verses today, we read about a perfect home that Christians will share with God some day. Everything will be beautiful, peaceful and perfect. Verse 4 tells us that there “will be no more death, sadness, crying, or pain. All the old ways are gone.” Wow — I want to live there!
When you become discouraged and sad because of all the bad things in the world, think about the wonderful home that God has prepared for His children. Obey His Word and look forward to your new home with God.