Mud Puddle

The city where I live is on a prairie in Manitoba, Canada. I like to take my dog for a walk out of the city every day. This morning they predicted rain later in the day, so we went for our walk early. It was noisy in the city. The more we walked, the quieter it became. Finally we arrived at a wooded area.
Two small birds flew down to bathe and drink from a mud puddle on our path. I was amazed that they wanted to bathe and drink from water that was so dirty. When I saw this, I thought about my life. Sometimes my life is dirty and messed up. I think that God cannot use me to serve Him.
These birds made me realize that God can use me during times when my life is a mess. God expects me to use the talents He has given me. Verse 10 of our Bible Reading says, “Each of you received a spiritual gift from God. God has shown you his grace (kindness) in many different ways. And you are like servants who are responsible for using God’s gifts. So be good servants and use your gifts to serve each other.”
What gifts has God given to you? Use them to serve Him today.