My Aunt Edith

Recently my Aunt Edith died at the age of 93. She was a wonderful Christian woman. Edith loved to cook ? she made the best homemade noodles and cinnamon rolls in the world! Often she shared her good food with family and friends. Edith loved to go to church and be with her Christian friends. And, she faithfully read Daily Devotions for the Deaf every day!
At my aunt?s funeral, many people remembered that she had worked hard all her life. Edith became a widow at an early age, and she was left with three children to raise. She worked many difficult jobs in order to take care of her family. Edith did not retire until she was almost 80 years old.
Edith reminds me of the woman in our Bible Reading today. These verses talk about a woman who works hard and wisely takes care of her family. Verse 27 says, ?She is never lazy. She takes care of the things in her house.?
God wants each of us to work and take care of our families. Thank God today for your family. Ask Him to help you stay strong and work hard.