My Father’s House

Marie’s mother was an alcoholic. She never knew her father. When Marie was four years old, she was placed in a foster home. Later, she was adopted by people who never loved her. Marie always wanted to have a home filled with love.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus told His disciples that He was going away. They were upset by this news. Then Jesus comforted them by telling them about His Father’s house. Jesus explained that this house had plenty of rooms and that someday they could live with Him in this house.
The house that Jesus was talking about is the place that has been prepared for us with God. The only way we can get to this place is through Jesus. If we follow and obey God, we can live forever with Him.
Maybe you are like Marie and you don’t have a loving home here on earth. Follow God’s plan in the Bible and you will have a loving and eternal home with Him.