My Father?s House

When my husband and I got married, we lived in a very small three-room house. The house did not have running water. We had to carry water into the house.
We did not have a modern bathroom. For bathing, we used a round tub. We also used this tub to wash our clothes. Our toilet was an outhouse behind the house. In the winter it was very cold, and in the summer it was very hot!
Later my husband and I moved to a larger home with a bathroom, hot water and a furnace. We were so happy to have this new house.
In verse 2a of our Bible Reading, Jesus told His followers about a special home He was making for them. ?There are many rooms in my Father?s house.? Wow! That must be a very special place. But something even more special is that Jesus will be there, too.
Maybe your earthly home is not fancy. But God has an eternal home ready for you. Accept Jesus as your Savior. Then you can look forward to living in our Father?s House.