My Favorite Verse

Jude 25 is one of my favorite Bible verses. This verse reminds me of four very important things.
First, God is the only God. He controls the world, and He controls me. I need to remember that He is most important in my life. Second, God saves us. There is nothing I can do to save myself from sin. God’s love and grace save me. The things I do cannot save me.

Third, we should give God all the glory. He is great and mighty. God has power and authority over everything in the world. Jesus showed us God’s power while He lived on earth. Fourth, God is forever. Before time began, God was great. He is the same today. God will be the same tomorrow and forever.
This verse reminds me to pay attention to God. I should remember the amazing and wonderful things He has done. This verse also reminds me to be happy about the future. God will be with me to guide me, no matter what happens.