My Grandma (1)

My mother’s mother was a very special grandmother to me. My two sisters, my brother and I always called her “Grandma.” Today and for the next few days, I would like to tell you about Grandma.
Grandma was a busy lady. She had many different interests and talents. I can remember seeing her seated at her organ, singing and playing her favorite hymns. I liked to go to Grandma’s house so I could listen to her. Sometimes she even let me play her organ. These are special memories for me.
But thinking about Grandma also reminds me that we should praise God. Grandma loved God and loved to praise Him. Sometimes she played or sang a wrong note. But I know that her music was beautiful to God. God does not care if we can sing or play an instrument. He just wants us to praise Him!
In our Bible Reading, Paul encouraged Christians to praise and worship God. Be sure to praise Him today!