My Grandma (5)

Grandma had many talents. She won awards for her flower arrangements. She also made rock jewelry, canned vegetables and fruits, and made delicious jellies and jams. Grandma had a talent for painting pictures, sewing and cooking.
God has given us all special talents. It is nice that we have different abilities. For example, I can read Braille. But maybe you are good at making things from wood. You may be a good speaker, but your friend may be a computer whiz.
In our Bible verses, Paul said that our bodies need many different parts so we can function well. The church, the body of Jesus, works the same way. The church needs every Christian to do what God has given them to do.
What special talents has God given to you? Can you teach, prepare a meal, help the poor, sing or comfort people who are sad? Or maybe God has given you other abilities. Think about your talents today and use them for God.