My Grandma (7)

Grandma lived a good life. She enjoyed many activities, but she especially enjoyed being with other Christians.
When Grandma was in her seventies, she learned that she had cancer. She went to the hospital for treatments, but she became weaker and eventually died. Through all the time that she was sick, I never heard Grandma complain to God or lose her faith in Him. I remember that the whole family gathered at her house a few weeks before she died. Grandma talked about how she wanted all of us to be ready to live forever with Jesus.
Grandma knew how wonderful eternal life with God will be. She would have agreed with Paul’s words in our Bible Reading today. “Now, a crown (reward) is waiting for me. I will get that crown for being right with God” (verse 8a).
My grandmother shared about Jesus and eternal life. I hope that you will share this exciting news with someone you meet today.