My Grandmother

In 1868, my grandmother, Anna, was born in the state of Missouri. Her family had been Christians for many years. When Anna was a child, her family moved to South Dakota in a covered wagon. She married a young man who always carried a New Testament in his shirt pocket. My grandmother taught a large Sunday School class of teenagers for many years.
I learned how to become a Christian by watching my grandmother. Other people saw that she was a Christian, too. During the depression of the 1930’s, my grandmother had a large garden. We always had enough to eat. When missionaries visited our church, we invited them to eat with us. I received ten cents a week as an allowance. I put five cents in my bank and five cents in the church offering.
Our Bible Reading reminds parents to teach their children to follow God. My grandmother always put Jesus first, and she taught me to do the same.
Live today so other people will see Jesus and want to follow Him, too.